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38bn on 550 pp help -lower pop off?

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  • 38bn on 550 pp help -lower pop off?

    Almost have my 550 restortation for the kids up and running. 550 pp, bread box exhaust but 38bn carb, 110 compression, leak down test not losing pressure, rebuilt carb, replaced needle and seat 1.5, nice sharp pop off at 15 psi. ski will start with 1/3 or more throttle. Should i lower my pop off? if so how- larger needle and seat? I believe im already using the shiny spring, forgot to keep the old one and am using the spring that came in the Mikuni rebuild kit. Any help would eb appraciated.

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    Re: 38bn on 550 pp help -lower pop off?

    There is a plethora of info on the site and just as many smart people that have been doing this for 4 decades that can lend a hand. If you're running 38bn I would start at 1 turn out on both low screw and high screw. The idle screw should barely be open about 4 sheets of Paper.

    What flame arrestor are you running?
    Make sure all your fuel lines are tight to include your pulse line. Make sure you have those lines secured some way either by zip ties or worm clamps.
    Also, it is vitally important to get it running and stay running under load. This means tuning the carb while the ski/ pump is under load. This doesn't take very long at all. Good luck
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