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04 Polaris msx 150 over heating

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  • 04 Polaris msx 150 over heating

    Hi all,
    Need some help just bought an 04 msx 150 for $4200 I think I got screwed. I went to see it last Friday and the guy I bought it from said it ran fine. He started it and it started quick. The motor looks clean. The only thing he said it needed was the oil dipstick he said he broke it and he would deduct $40 off the price if I bought it. I don’t know much about pwc so didn’t think anything of it. I took it home hooked it up to the hose started it then turned on the water and I saw water comming out of the exhaust and an outlet to the left of it nothing on the display. I took it to the local lake and after riding it 5 min got it to like 50 mph and all of the sudden went on limp mode and said it was overheating. Need some help to see what could it be causing it to over heat. I made it back to the dock and took the seat off and it did look kind of hot. The motor sounded normal but it was on limp mode. After a while turned it on again and rode 5 min same thing. It has coolant in the little jug. What could be making it overheated. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: 04 Polaris msx 150 over heating

    The price is good if u have a nice trailer with it.
    Check your coolant temp sensor resistance should be at 2.5k/omhs