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Kawasaki 750 R&D head

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  • Kawasaki 750 R&D head

    which way does R&D head go on 750 ? like stock with cooling outlets on the exhaust side or like ADA intake side ?

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    I would think if it uses a stock heaad gasket it will go on as the stock head.

    '89 Kawi 650SX 42.4 GPS
    +3" stock pipe, ported ex. manifold, drilled waterbox, blueprinted pump, Ocean Pro ride plate

    '99 Yama GP1200 65U 61.8 GPS
    ported cylinders, matched cases, milled head, blueprinted pump, long ride plate

    '96 Seadoo HX 717 53.13 GPS
    light porting, massaged cases, lightened flywheel, port matched manifolds, Rossier pipe, stubby pump cone


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      Click image for larger version

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      installed correctly


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        I would think if it uses a stock heaad gasket it will go on as the stock head.
        its an o-ringed head is why i ask i was leaning twards the other way like the ada since the cooling in open but what pictures ive seen they are like stock do these run stock gaskets that are the cut like the westcoast heads for cooling flow ?


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          does that have a stock gasket or just orings ?


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            This head was milled when it showed up to the build , along with other heads , it had the correct ccs to obtain 195 psi , 24 ccs with a head gasket only , .040 squish , no orings on this one , stock 800 head gasket that has been modified to flow more coolant around front hole , coolant routing has been modified on cylinder , she runs as cool as a Yamaha