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tcp sensor gone bad!?

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    Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

    That's what I was thinking. The dealer sounds like he's taking the op for a ride.


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      Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

      Yeah, stale gas can do this as well.

      Originally posted by danketchpel
      Originally posted by billiards4me
      when i took the boat out, it ran fine..... until i full throttle for about 5-10 secs. then the computer would cut it back and it would choke itself. take the key out, reset it, the fi light and warning light would go away, crank her up, ride on.... w.o.t. again, and same thing, it would go to the error. any ideas?
      What octane fuel were you running?

      If you run low octane (less than 91) it will do exactly as you posted. The ECU senses detonation and cuts back the boost & spark curves to save the engine. When you reset the ECU by pulling the key out it will act normal until it senses detonation again. Typically it takes about 5-10 seconds of WOT for it to happen.


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        Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

        ok guys... here's the lasest....
        i drained the tank, and put in 93, with some stp gas cleaner/de-water stuff. took the boat out. no new tcp, no swap, just bettin on the bad gas possibility. so, here's what i've found. boat did the same thing. but, what i've noticed though, is i mentioned earlier that it has 2 possibly unrelated problems. the error, and stuttering. the stuttering happend a ride or two after the error started showin up. to explain the stuttering.... it seems as though it's only running on 3 cylinders. it does it spuratically though. sometimes at idol, sometimes when trying to wot. i'm starting to think that maybe there's water in one of the cylinders, and maybe a plug fouled out? i'm planning on replacing the plugs no matter. could this also potentially cause the alarm? anyone think the two problems may be related? i'm at a loss here guys, i'm tryin everything i can, but i'm really just trying to avoid spending $120 on a tcp sensor, then finding out it doesn't fix it. (in case anyone new is reading this, the first problem, the error, is this: at wide open throttle, after a few seconds, the boat will beep and cut itself back to half throttle. push the stop, start back up, and boat runs fine. if you baby the throttle, you can run the boat fine (except for the second stuttering problem) for a little bit, and then it'll occasionally set the alarm/error again, and so on.)

        so any further ideas, would be great. as of now, i've got good, 93 fresh fuel in there. i've replaced the upper and lower oil pressure sensors (i was told this might have been the problem first off) and i guess that's bout it. i plan on ordering some new plugs, and while the plugs are out, i'm going to flud the cylinders with wd-40 and try to clean out any possible h2o. any thoughts??


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          Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

          Maybe I just did not understand your post....

          For what reason did you not check/swap your Map sensors? Maybe I misunderstood you?

          It also sounds like you [now] have a fouled plug too.

          Hint:The second MAP sensor [TCP] generates the overboost alarm/limp-home mode....
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            Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

            As you were told earlier, I would swap the two sensors. Then you will know for sure if the sensor is bad or if you have a real problem and it will cost you nothing to find out. Maybe you should go through and check some of your connectors for corrosion. A plug should stay fouled so you would have the miss all the time. Maybe your coil for one of the cylinders has a bad connection. Also H2O won't stay in the cylinders when the engine is running. So if you had it running that is not your problem. If you think you might have had water intrusion look at your oil and see if it is milky.
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              Re: tcp sensor gone bad!?

              Did you ever fix this? If so, how?