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  • Club's Members Website Down

    Firstly, for those who don’t know me I’m Samantha and I'm the new club secretary for 2013. For those who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting I hope to meet as many of you as I can as the season goes on. Please forgive my notations as I’m new to this and I'm trying to take my own notes from the recent club dinner along with some records passed on to me from the last club secretary, as well as notes from other people and merge them into some hopefully coherent information J

    We had a great season last year with wonderful turn-outs but it's came to our attention that the website that hosted our private forum (opposed to public like this one) that we used most of last year for the groups announcements and conversations has been offline since January, about 4-6 weeks now. We're not sure what the issue is but it's not just our forum; it's the entire ATVNation website including all the public forums as well. This is a major website, one of the largest in the world for ATV enthusiast with thousands upon thousands of members (over 1500 just in the Arkansas ATV groups form). They were awesome allowing us to have our own private forum for our PWC group, even though it's mainly an ATV website. That allowed us to have a semi-private (you had to be registered with the ATVNation website AND know the direct link to the forum itself) for our group discussions and ride postings and it worked great all last season. We had such great rides last year! I know at the one ride on Lake Norfork we had 34 PWC's show up. I was at that one myself and think the people at Jordan Landing thought they were being invaded by PWC's! Oh, and at the August ride at Lake Hamilton we had 37 PWC’s which is still the club record. Those were our two highest turn-outs; our average was 10-15 PWC's which made for a nice sized group, large enough to be fun and meet new people yet small enough to still be able to move easily as a group without anyone getting lost. We have such a great group of riders and enthusiast.

    The issue now is the question of will the Nation be back up in time for the upcoming riding season, one rumor is they were hacked and another is that the place where their servers are located was hit by the big storm and lost everything. We know the first weekend they were offline did coincide with that major storm that hit the east coast and based on how long they have been offline something major like that happening to the facility as a whole may be the most logical explanation. We have no idea what will happen to all of our post and conversations that were on the site, hopefully the servers had backups and will be able to restore everything but at this point we simply do not have any solid information and are just keeping our fingers crossed.

    For the moment it looks like we will be using this forum for any longer conversations but use our Facebook page as our major source of postings about rides and other information. We know based on the number of friends we have on Facebook vs. the number of people who have signed the clubs liability waivers that just by the numbers alone only about 1/3rd of the members are on our Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook but have not yet friended us be sure to do so at;

    We will try to keep people posted about the forum on the Nation and we’re all looking forward to the upcoming riding season!

    - Samantha L -
    AWR 2013 Club Secretary
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