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SBT Remanufactured Pump - chinese bearing and question about who assembles

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  • SBT Remanufactured Pump - chinese bearing and question about who assembles

    I have a new to me ski from a friend. They got a reman. pump after taking it to a shop. Shop installed pump into ski.

    Does anyone know if the SBT reman. pumps come assembled with the bearings and seals, or do they ship them out and have the purchaser assembly the components?

    Asking because the seals were damaged when I took a look at the pump. I hope it’s not coming from SBT like that.

    Also, the bearings were chinese. The rear bearing OD size was the same as OEM, but the bearing slid out of the pump with with gravity. The ID of the pump was a little open and loose on the rear of the pump. Looks like they put something in there that turned into a film once dry, but the bearing was loose in the pump and moving with the shaft. Just generally wasn’t impressed when taking it apart.

    Some or all of it may be attributed to sbt. I know the shop the ski was at missed a lot of other things like some joe smoe so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones to damage the seals. I figure if the bearings and seals are installed from sbt, it would be difficult to damage the seals when installing the shaft and impeller. Asking because we’ve all read about other sbt products.

    Either way, gunna try it out with the chinese bearings but I did replace the seals with a different brand.

    (Ski was in shop for water leak and not running right. They replaced the pump and “overhauled.” Friend got it back and took it out briefly but it was the same result so he offered it to me. It didn’t take long to see there was an exhaust leak and the bearing housing was leaking. Exhaust gaskets were rtv together at exh. manifold and head pipe, and completely missing after the headpipe. Also missing a plug on the chamber for the water jacket of this model ski. In that short period of time and sitting over winter, the wear ring has corrosion).
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    You can try putting the bearing back in with some green loctite sleeve retainer, it is pretty tough stuff.
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      Okay I’ll look into it. I did use locktite but not sleeve retainer. I’ll tinker with it to see how the stuff I used holds up. Pump is not back in yet.