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Cesares Rule - Safety In Racing

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  • Cesares Rule - Safety In Racing

    Safety in Personal Watercraft Racing

    'Safe To Race'
    Accidents are a part of all power sports and life in general. They are unpredictable and because of this safety is a means of giving our best capable options for risk mitigation. Cesares Rule addresses the capacity to reduce accidents and to employ better risk management practices through education, training and equipment needs to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

    Rules and regulations are employed by race sanctioning governing bodies and promoters to ensure that venues are safe for those in attendance whether spectators, teams, competitors or staff. Read your sanctioning bodies safety guidelines and recommendations. Take a safe boating course and understand the local and Federal boating rules. Educate yourself on liability issues and prepare yourself in advance. This is your responsibility as a competitor, you must come prepared to the race track and not assume that safety is in place. It begins with you and your team first.

    In the Personal Watercraft (PWC) motors sports arena, there has not been prior to 2013 any organized PWC Safety Group or associate body that addresses the unique needs of various types of events. These events are not limited to closed course, obstacle, endurance, offshore, timed trials, gran prix, endures or fun events. We are overdue for review and must overhaul this inconsistent missing link in professional development. Associations have also declined to participate in facilitating accident review and evaluations. This is why Cesares Rule was created, to ensure that deaths on race tracks are evaluated with proper protocols, procedures and evaluations to remedy any future foreseeable incidents.

    The first gathering of Safety Professionals was conducted in the UAE March of 2013. This workshop was organized by the UIM in conjunction with the UAE Marine Sports Federation, the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) and the WPPA. Mr. Bob Wartinger facilitated the workshop by inviting the world’s top safety experts from their respective areas of expertise regarding power boating. This group of Subject Matter Experts (SME) identified the risks involved in respective boating venues, concerns and concepts for the future. It was agreed that an official PWC safety guideline would be addressed for future competitive events.

    The Cesares Rule 6 point platform is aimed at encouraging and educating the importance of safety in Personal Watercraft events. The Cesares Rule is for the benefit of personal safety in PWC events as well as to support associations and promoters in the importance and necessity of safe practices. To increase safety in track design, weather assessment, the proper protective equipment and apparel for staff and competitors, competitor and staff training, and safety designs in race equipment, whether required by respective country Laws or not.
    1. Mandatory use of approved personal protective equipment required by and according to Law
    2. Take personal responsibility for physical fitness levels and preparation
    3. Mandatory boating education certification for staff and competitors
    4. Encourage the promotion and implementation of safer competitions
    5. Evaluate accidents and review incidents to increase safety coverage
    6. Share and network with ideas, concerns and information to further develop safety standards


    Cesare Vismara died on Friday October 17th, 2009 at the Crazyhorse Campgrounds, City of Lake Havasu, Arizona USA. He was struck by another competitors race boat during the IJSBA World Finals at approximately 2:20 PM during the Pro/Am Runabout Finals. Cesare was on the Team Serbia race team for three years, running the #1SRB plate. Cesare was 36 years of age and a native of Italy. He left behind his mother and father, and sister.

    Ciao cesare mi mancherai molto continua a vincere anche lassù dove ci sono i grandi sportivi con tanto cuore come te sempre pronto ad aiutare gli amici in difficoltà ciao amico. Arrivederci campione #1.
    Riposa In Pace

    To share ideas or for more information please contact: Shawn Alladio, Water Safety Advocate and Educator
    [email protected]

    Please visit Cesares Memorial Page:
    'A moment for safety will save a lifetime of regret' - Brian Bendix

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