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Operation Helping Heros Freedom Ride

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  • Operation Helping Heros Freedom Ride

    Hello Everybody

    Well our 7th Annual Operation Helping Hero's Freedom Ride is just about here. One week away!!! We hope that you will join us on Saturday July 13, 2013 for a great ride to Washington D.C. Joining the many great riders from all over the surrounding area will be members from The Family & Friends For Freedom Fund Inc. which is the organization that this ride helps each year. We hope that everyone who is able will join us for a Great Ride, Great Prizes, Great Food & Drink, Great People, all for a GREAT CAUSE.

    Register Today by going to our website at For those unable to pre-register you will able to register on the morning of the ride. Check our website for more details.

    Eastern PA River Runners
    "Believing In The FREEDOM TO RIDE!"

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