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2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports

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  • 2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports

    Information from Sea-Doo on their 2020 Tow Sport Segment

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    Wakes are made for shredding, and that’s just what the Sea-Doo® WAKETM series of watercraft is built to do. Thanks to exclusive tow-focused features like Ski Mode, a Ski Pylon and Board Rack, it’s grab-and-go with your crew for epic sessions on the water. With awesome power and exclusive features ready to throw down, the WAKETM PRO 230 and new WAKETM 170 – with an all new platform and 1630cc 170-horsepower Rotax® engine – offer high-octane excitement for any tow sport enthusiast. Whether skiing, boarding, surfing or tubing, there’s no better way to hit the water.
    WHAT’S NEW FOR 2020
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    WAKETM 170

    A redefined onboard experience, plus industry-leading stability and control comes to the WAKETM 170. Riders are taken to a new level of watersport enjoyment with awesome new features for comfort, entertainment and performance. Expanded storage space lets riders add more to every ride, and the optional BRP-Premium audio system brings the party. With a lower center of gravity and confidence-inspiring control, at speed and with up to three riders, it offers playful, yet predictable handling. It’s close to one inch wider making boarding and movement around the watercraft a breeze.

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    The most powerful naturally aspirated Sea-Doo® Rotax® engine to date, this 3-cylinder, 1630cc 4-stroke generates 170 fun-inducing horsepower. With added horsepower comes improved performance and acceleration, yet it maintains exceptional fuel economy thanks to BRP’s legendary ACETM technology.


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    A larger displacement (+130cc compared to previous Rotax® 1503 supercharged engine) in this supercharged, 3-cylinder powerplant delivers improved acceleration that exponentially increases the fun factor for riders. With a true 230 horsepower, its increased torque is unmistakable.

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ID:	4551627WAKE PRO 230

    70L FUEL TANK (WAKE PRO 230) The wake thrashing session now lasts longer thanks to a large 70L (18.5 gal.) fuel tank. Paired with the industry-leading efficiency of Rotax® engines, the larger fuel capacity lets riders explore more water, enjoy more water sports and live the Sea-Doo® life a little longer every ride.

    Fully digital interactive multifunction display in a compact package. Orange/red backlight offers excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Intuitive access to essential vehicle information riders need, including speedometer, tachometer, vehicle hours and more.
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    Re: 2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports


    With a simple swipe of a finger, riders enjoy full control of a powerful, truly waterproof, 100-watt Bluetooth audio system. The perfect song is always on deck and ready to amplify the next adventure.

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    The Sea-Doo® WAKE PRO 230 has a spacious 25.3 gal. (96 L) central cargo compartment designed for easy and direct access to all gear from a seated position – simply raise the handlebar and reach in. There is also a waterproof, shockproof compartment for worry free phone storage with an addable accessory USB charger, as well as an adaptable and convenient LinQ™ quick-attach rear cargo system to easily secure one of six exclusive accessories. The WAKE 170 also offers watertight and shockproof phone storage and has an impressive 40.2 gal. (152 L) of extended front storage thanks to its new platform.

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ID:	4382800 WAKE PRO 230 Direct-Access Front Storage

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ID:	4382801 WAKE 170 Larger Front Storage

    Standard on the WAKE PRO 230, and now new to the WAKE 170 – Revised seating where rider and watercraft truly become one, especially in tight turns and high-speed maneuvers. Optimized seating position and ergonomics for lower center of gravity and improved comfort for both driver and passenger.

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    Industry-leading stability and control starts with an optimized lower center of gravity for the pilot and the passengers. That same stability makes re-boarding and prepping for the next wake run safe and easy. The Wake PRO 230, with its deep-V ST3™ hull, increases performance in rough water and provides better control while cornering at high speed. With the WAKE family of watercraft, riders have the best of all worlds in any conditions.

    NEW HULL - WAKE 170
    The WAKE 170 sports a revolutionary new platform which is wider for worry-free re-boarding and movement around the watercraft. With its confident yet playful feel, the WAKE is ideally built for the rigors of high-frequency use and family fun sporting a highly impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, Polytec GEN 2 hull. No other material gives such lightweight performance in this price range, which engineers used to both improve overall performance and save weight, without compromising handling.

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ID:	4382804 WAKE 170

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ID:	4382805 WAKE PRO 230

    Standard features:
    ● Retractable LinQTM Ski Pylon
    ● Removable Wakeboard Rack
    ● Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR®)
    ● Boarding Ladder
    ● Speed Limiter, Slow Mode, Sport Mode and ECO® Mode
    ● Ski Mode
    ● Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS™)
    ● Anti-Theft Security System (D.E.S.S.)
    ● Variable Trim System (VTS™)
    ● BRP Audio-Premium System (optional)
    ● Exclusive LinQ™ Quick-Attach System
    ● Watertight Phone Comportment

    WAKETM PRO 230
    Power, Style and Stability to Tow like a Pro
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    The ultimate tow sports watercraft, the WAKETM PRO 230 comes equipped with peak towing power and all the convenience for an incredible experience every ride. It’s based on the innovative ST3™ hullTM offering incredible stability and a wide platform making boarding and prepping for wake runs easy.

    On board, the 7.6-inch backlit display communicates need-to-know info to the driver. Standard features like the retractable LinQTM ski pylon and board rack make getting on the water simple and safe. A new 70 L fuel tank means all-day shred sessions are the new norm.

    The Sea-Doo® WAKETM PRO 230 is powered by a new supercharged 230-horsepower Rotax® 1630 ACE engine. It can carry up to three riders and reach a top speed of 65mph (105 km/h). It is available in Malibu Blue / Neon Yellow. The powerful Bluetooth audio system can be added as an option.
    ^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

    The WAKETM PRO 230 comes equipped with all of the standard features, as well as:
    • 7.6-inch wide digital display
    • NEW 18.5 gal. (70 L) Fuel Tank
    • Tilt Steering
    • 25.3 gal. (96 L) direct-access front storage


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      Re: 2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports

      WAKE 170
      Make the Most of every Wake
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      The new WAKE 170 brings more power, stability and efficiency to the water along with a rider-inspired features for an incredible onboard experience. With more useable space, carrying passengers and prepping for tow sessions is easy, quick and comfortable. More storage space allows riders to carry more accessories for a full day’s worth of watersports fun. And no wake session is complete without a rider’s favorite music mix – possible thanks to the optional BRP Audio-Premium system.

      The new Rotax® 1630cc 170-horsepower engine offers crisp acceleration able to pop skiers and boarders out of the water with ease. It also features exclusive ACETM technology adding more efficiency to get the most out of any day on the water.

      The WAKE 170 carries up to 3 riders. It’s available in a new Malibu Blue / Neon Yellow color scheme.

      The Sea-Doo® WAKE 170 comes equipped with all standard features, as well as:
      ● NEW Robust and Scratch-Resistant Polytec™ Gen2 Hull Material
      ● UPDATED 42.5 gal. (160.8 L) of Total Storage Capacity

      Most Popular WAKE Family LinQ accessories:

      ● LinQ Fuel Caddy: Holds up to 4 gal. (15L) of fuel in an easy-to-pour canister.

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      ● LinQ 4.2 gal. (16 L) Cooler: Rigid, durable and weather-resistant cooler that keeps contents fresh and cold.

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ID:	4382809+

      ● LinQ Box: High-precision injected HDPE construction provides rigidity and weather-resistant durability. It’s 5 gal. (19 L) maximum capacity plus included marinized LinQ Hardware Kit deliver ultimate practicality.

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      With unmatched performance, superior fuel efficiency thanks to exclusive ACE technology and proven reliability, ROTAX® engines continue to set the standard in the personal watercraft industry. WAKE models feature the industry-exclusive closed-loop cooling system to keep corrosive salt water and debris out of the engine for added peace-of-mind.

      ● Rotax® 1630 ACE - 170: The most powerful naturally aspirated Rotax® engine ever produced for a Sea-Doo® watercraft, the 1630cc 3-cylinder offers instant response with addictive acceleration perfectly paired with the fuel saving benefits of exclusive ACE technology.

      ● Rotax® 1630 ACE - 230: The Rotax® 1630 supercharged ACE engine with a pure 230 horsepower^ instantly responds to rider input. With blood-pumping acceleration and muscle-flexing torque, its power is undeniably addictive. And with exclusive ACE technology maximizing fuel economy, it adds more excitement to every ride.
      ^Performance numbers based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

      For a full rundown of features and specifications, please consult your local dealer contact and ask for a test ride!

      Follow @BRPNews, @BRPSeaDoo, and visit for more on the entire lineup of Sea-Doo® personal watercraft.


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        Re: 2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports

        I don't remember jet skis having so many accessory options.


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          Re: 2020 Sea-Doo Tow Sports

          But they are moving on. It is always better to have a lot of options for customization.
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