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    Starter question...

    Hi again

    I have a question: The starter works fine when plugs are taken out (the engine revvs nicely). When I screw back the plugs the starter doesnt have enough power to turn the engine (only 3-4 turns and really slowly). I drowned the ski a bit during the weekend, and then I had to pump out the water out with by revving the engine without plugs..maybe the starter got used's 16 years old..?
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    Re: Starter question...

    Sounds like the battery is dead?

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    Re: Starter question...

    anyone else? mine is doing the same thing and with the battery from my jeep being jumped to it. starter most likely? i think i am in a state of denial because i do not want to get another one! thanks

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    Re: Starter question...

    You need a new starter.

    I wrote this in a previous thread, I hope it is informative to you.....

    "You will also need a higher torque starter, Either a Goki aftermarket one or an older model seadoo 580 starter, The armatures in those starters are longer than a stock 440/550 one, and they draw less current from the battery when cranking, and utilize more cranking power to turn the higher compression engine over.
    Raising the compression in these engines for performance tends to kill the stock starters over a short period of time, The extra compression loads the starter more than it is designed to hold, and as the starter tries to draw more current than it can use because it's not being burned off from spinning fast enough, the armature gets hot. After the windings of copper wire in the armature gets too hot too many times then it will fail to conduct electricity to the right amperage, at this point it is no good except maybe to a low compression 440 for a short period of time."

    High compression isn't thew only thing that can kill a starter, a poorly adjusted carburetor or extremely low compression, leaky case seals, water in the engine, or anything that requires you to crank the crap out of the engine over and over and over just to get it to start causes the strater to heat up, sometimes way beyond a safe touching temperature,
    that absolutely kills them.

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