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    Frequent Poster cjb's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Miami, FL

    Carburetor cleaner..

    I was at the auto parts looking for some stuff and I came across these bottles of carburetor cleaner. The ones you put in the gas tank with a full thank of gas. Has any one ever tried this stuff on a jet ski as to maintain the carburetors?

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    Re: Carburetor cleaner..

    You have to be careful with gas additives in a 2 stroke, some of those chems can interfere with the oil mixing properly with the gas and put excess wear on the motor. If you do make sure it's specifially labeled as safe for 2 stroke engines.

    I tried a carb cleaner solution once in my ski for some light low-speed bogging I was getting. At first I thought it had worked, but it came right back with the next tank. New fuel filter took care of that.

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    Administrator SBT's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Clearwater, FL

    Re: Carburetor cleaner..

    There are no such additives for PWC engines. And 'cleaner' will clean the lubrication right off your crank bearings and pistons.

    The only way to clean dirty carbs is with rebuild kits and taking them apart.
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    Re: Carburetor cleaner..

    Under normal use carbs don't need to be "maintained" with mechanic-in-a-bottle fixes anyway. Using some sta-bil in the winter has been enough for me for years, that's all I do for my old Ski-Doo in the summer also and it's carbs haven't been cracked, ever in over 10 years, still starts on the second pull every time.

    Some people say to replace the in-carb fuel screen every so often, but I've never done that either and no problems with poor performance.

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