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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Jun 2008

    Re: Places to ride - Upcoming Rides - PWC for newbies

    if you don't like crowds then clearlake is good, water does get chewy in parts, especially on really hot days when the algae bloom hits but its only in parts of the lake, the best launching is at redbud launch in the city of Clearlake, 6 lanes with docks, plenty of parking, just watch that you don't hit a weekend with a bass tourney goin', those guys are ruthless when it comes to getting on the water, but that opnly happens a couple of times during the summer and in the morning. The water is always the best in the morning, as it heats up in the afternoon the wind usually comes from the north, the lake is so long that by the time it hits the south end where the launch is it can get pretty rough, great for a sport or a stand-up if you like playing in 1-3' chops, then by about 4-5 pm it calms down nicely. As for marine patrol, I've seen them on the water about 10 times in seven years, because they let the bass fishymen get away with everything, they kinda leave everyone alone, unless you're being really stupid or drinking. Don't mind the smell at the launch (it smells of dead fish) as soon as you hit the water it goes away. 20 minutes to the northwest is Konocti Harbor Resort, great to sit on the deck, sip a cold soda or beer if that's your thing, and watch all the very funny people on their rentals from the resort, be careful, they see nothing on the water. We're on the water almost every weekend and a lot in the evenings, if any one wants to hook up, let me know.

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    PWCToday Newbie mikehsj's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    san jose, calif
    a place where we go in aug for the past 5 summers, last year was the first year we brought our waverunner is modesto reservior, they have a couple of boat lauches, so you dont have to wait in line,the campgrounds have electric hookups , the campgrounds are right on the waters edge so it makes it easy to fill up your towables and just go, or park your boat and hop on and go,they do have bathrooms and showers on the campgronds, the town is about 10 mins away so its easy getting gas and food when needed,they have someone who sells firewood there, not those little bundles, but piles of it since they are right next to an orchard.i might suggest that you get there a day before fri as it can fill up pretty quick, we usually get there on a monday,and just rent it out for the week. the reservoir is large enough to do what you want in an area and not worry about running into anyone, there are reeds close to shore in some areas, so you have to be a little careful, and since people fish in that area water shoes are a good idea, since some fish hooks can get tangled in the reeds, but if you stay away frow them no problems, oh and they do patrol the lake so you dont see too many crazies out there, just thought i mention this place

    Added by Julie:

    Trader Joe's is just off the 99 by the mall. They have awesome camp foods at super prices. If you call ahead a day or so they can freeze waters for your icechest. If you stop in say hi to my hubby, Mike Z. Ask him for some suggestions on easy camp foods or the latest in wine deals.
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    I dream skis joshfish's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    redding ca

    Re: Places to ride - Upcoming Rides - PWC for newbies

    i used to ride whiskeytown lake here in redding but it is now closed to pwc. now its lake shasta. shore line is rocky so not well suited for hanging out at. tons of camgrounds and houseboat rentals. the lake is big so there is lots of exploring. holliday weekends are always super busy so the lake is rough but there are plenty of coves to find. heavy patroling by the sherriff around the marinas and the main body of the lake. not so much in the numerous coves though. all in all great times can be had on lake shasta.
    launch fees are $8 unless you go to one of the private ramps then its like $10.

    the other place i like to ride is the sacramento river right here in redding. launch is free and there is some nice wave trains to play on.

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    PWCToday Regular veritechc's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Oroville, California

    Re: Places to ride - Upcoming Rides - PWC for newbies

    I ride mostly in the Thermlito Afterbay just outside of Oroville, CA. There are two places to launch the developd Monument Hill launch ramp and the lightly developed Larkin Launch.

    Monument Hill has about 6 cement tables and a few permanent BBQs. The State Recreation district has put in some top notch bathrooms here too.There is a small sand beach and a pretty good short launch ramp. There are a few boaters that put in here. Mostly speed and wake boats. During summer it is fairly busy for a small town but still pleasant to be at. The water stays fairly cold all year round but bearable. I would say this place is tailor made for jet skiing. You can get some fun wake jumping off the boats.

    The Larkin side is my preferance as it feels like it must have when this sport started. There is no real ramp just a inclined sandy road but my Subaru WRX car can get in and out no problem. What I enjoy here is on an average summer Saturday you will see up to 15 vintage PWCs here with a bunch of laid back people who like to talk shop. There is no real beach. Most people just put up an easy-up in the reads and walk out to their boats.

    Remember too that Lake Oroville is just 20 minutes away too. I believe taht to own a PWC in this area is great. You should come check it out. You can find me easy enough; I'll be the only 40 year old black man constantly throwing himself off his 96 stock blaster.
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    95 Yamaha Blaster, ADA Heads, Factory Pipe, Twin 44's. I feel like Wile E. Coyote on it!
    95 Yamaha 'Blaster Twin Carb Stock
    96 Yamaha Wave Venture - Fresh top end!
    95 Kawasaki ZXI 900 - runs like a raped ape now.
    97 Arctic Cat Daytona 1000 - Sold that mechanical nightmare

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    Frequent Poster Delta Burns X2's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    Re: Places to ride - reviews and directions

    Quote Originally Posted by anthony_ View Post
    Over 1,000 miles of waterways.
    Some of my favorite spots on the Delta that I've riden:
    -Orwood/Discovery Bay/Indian Slough Area
    -Holland Marina and where the train passes by
    -Ski Beach
    -Lost Isle and the area around it
    -Hogback and the area around Snug Harbor
    -Tiki Lagun
    -Windmill Cove
    -Herman and Helens/Kings Island and the area off of 8 mile road in Stockton

    Places on the Delta that I can't wait to ride:
    -Sherman Island
    -Pittsburg/Antioch area
    -Tower Park

    I know a couple awesome little channels near tower park. Nice area to ride

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    resident guru bossten1's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Gardnerville nevada

    Re: Places to ride - Upcoming Rides - PWC for newbies

    just over the hill in Nevada ...
    Tahoe( dont take your 2 stroke)
    2 stroke friendly below:
    lake lahontan boat drags, buoys and freestyle(don't eat the fish)
    pyramid lake(Indian land)
    lake topaz (clean water /casinos)1/2 nevada 1/2 california with good river riding.
    washoe lake(dirty and windy but buoy friendly)
    Carson river - not sure on legality but we ride it .
    weber reservior (fireworks- friendly small area)
    walker -clean but alkline
    rye patch really far/really cool
    2006 SXR
    87 550

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