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    I dream skis camojoe157's Avatar
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    Re: Bill O'Neal Joins PWCToday

    Bill is the coolest dude ever...
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    Attention ***** Is My Home Away From Home JonnyX2's Avatar
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    Re: Bill O'Neal Joins PWCToday

    Quote Originally Posted by DK-Freestyle View Post
    I dunno, but maybe we should try to fit in??
    Derrick are you saying we should all bump a few 1/2 decade old threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Firebird A/C&Heating View Post
    OMG.....Rules for 550 vintage ski class...550 ski riders do not conform to any kind of rules. That is why you are riding a 550 ski in the first place. Rules suck....
    PS...the rule book will be in my 550 pump
    Quote Originally Posted by WB1994
    Listen , stop your cryin' , its only an X2.

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    Re: Bill O'Neal Joins PWCToday

    I noticed this thread and wanted to see if Bill would jump in and tell his story....c'mon Bill....DOO tell

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    Re: Bill O'Neal Joins PWCToday

    WHAT?????? BILL ONEAL IS ON PWCTODAY? why wasnt I informed sooner....
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    Re: Bill O'Neal Joins PWCToday

    Quote Originally Posted by SBT View Post
    George is terminally ill, and actually I haven't seen him lately. He certainly does have a wealth of knowledge (not ALL right but a good deal I'm sure), but has a really poor way of communicating it. If he's still around I hope he's feeling OK.
    I have some good news, George called me out of the blue about 2 months ago. To be honest, I thought he had passed a long time ago.

    George is very much into organic gardening and credits the carrot juice, nuts and veggies for keeping him alive the past few years. He sounded like he was active and vital with his daily routine these days.

    The reason he called was to find out about my health as he read that I have been ailing. He offered up his belief that the organic diet he is on would probably help my situation too. We chatted for about an hour about several different subjects.

    Like him or hate him, George is allways talking from his heart and passing along information that he believes to be true. I, for one, am glad that George has been part of my life and I wish him all the good fortune that 2012 can bring him.

    Neither one of us mentioned pwc's during the whole time that we talked and that was probably by design by whomever put us back in touch with each other.

    I guarantee that should I be anywhere near Puduckia Kentucky, I would look up George and go by his place just to spend some time with a real decent and interesting person from my lifetime experences.
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    Bill O'Neal
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