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Heres a new hull that a buddy of mine is making check them out.

I would like to start by introducing myself.
My name is Steve ...I'm the owner or trendsetterz custom in lathrop ca where we have been building custom motorcycles , doing some of the craziest kustom paint and building the highest quality of aftermarket composite parts ... I decided to build my own hull because I wanted IMO cooler ,stronger, lighter, more options ,higher quality,and better priced then anything on the market .we started this project about 6 months ago but my real income job got super busy over the summer and had to put mine and my brothers hobby aside so we both bought rokrs and enjoyed them while we could ..well when winter came and work is slow and I picked up some new help and went full force at it again and that's how we came up with the BACKIE-CHAN

Now about the hull . The bottom is based off a Sxr ...cut short as hell ,,front rocker ,rear rocker ,Wider ,different tubbies ... Yamaha pump and intake track . It takes a 2 inch extended intake grate but we have inserts for the mold to go a plus 4 ... I will say thou the readability with bigger then a plus 2 intake is very very strictly flat water ...it will also except up to a 160 pump as that's the biggest we tested ...the rear has a full width ride plate to change the attitude of how it rides and you can play with length for your weight ... The hull with flush plate has a 71 inch running surface .. The overall is 77 inch tip to tip ... It comes complete with turf ajustable foot holds that are super easy to ajust and will not move or walk on you ..it also comes with battery box kart tank pipe pod all in one with inserts in it all bonded into the hull that is visual carbon .... Im not gonna put up weights and bull you guys but what I can tell you is everything will be resin infused and as light and as strong as we can make it ..

I would like to do a introductory price of 3000 to the first 5 people that give me a for sure interest on a glass resin infused hull turfed ,holds,solid color gell

As far as normal pricing with all options

3500 resin infused glass
4500 visual carbon resin infused glass
5500 for carbon/Kevlar resin infused
6500 for visual carbon/Kevlar resin infused

Thanks for the interest the only pics I have are of it in ruff .. As its cover in glass right now making molds !!
You can call me anytime 925-550-0088
looks sick man! seen all your stuff on the x