I have a 2008 Seadoo RXT 215 with approx 175 hours on it.
Recently 2 of the 3 motor mounts failed while on Lake George. This caused the engine to move forward and the D/S spline to pull out of the output coupler and strip the ends. I pulled the engine replaced the coupler and got the engine back in. After a broken oil filter cap it appears that everything is functioning OK. Engine runs good and smooth.
The problem is that I cant seem to actually really get out there and test it because im having odd electrical issues. At first the battery light came on and It was able to run for a bit before dying (i assumed this was going to happen but still wanted to warm it up to make sure coolant system was fully filled). Then started to diagnose the problem and realized it was a bad connection from the stator, unplug add dielectric grease, replug.
Now on the trailer started the ski show AC voltage at idle, so stator is working. plug the stator into harness and show roughly 14.3vDC. So great its getting power and charging.
Few days later go to marina. Check battery voltage on trailer at idle, Voltage OK. Try voltage floating in water for a bit longer while on trailer, voltage still OK. shut ski off tie off to dock and remove trailer. attempt to go out and now the battery light and coolant light are on. Idle around a bit with occasional blip-ing of throttle, and lights stay on. 12v Low message shows up on dash. Also at this point notice that the dash is missing some of its segments.
So it appears battery is no longer charging, and possibly have bad ground?

I cant seem to find a description online of what it means when the coolant and battery lights are on simultaneously.