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    Bad MAGNETO,OR 2 BAD mpem

    Hi fellows,i need help with a 1998 seadoo GTX Limited.It came in with a bad magneto (stator). After removing it, it was visiable bad,two charging coils were burnt and it had that smell to it.ohmed it out anyways and one charging circuit was, i installed another one and now it wont fire plugs.I did coniinuity test on all wires from mag cover to mpem,then from mpem to rear e box and coil.all tested good, then i checked voltage from trigger and got .38 vac,all in spec. but still no spark.This thing has a SBT MPEM in it. so i swaped in a factory mpem from my own personal 1998 gtx limited, and still no spark. Anyone have any ideas? P.S I did test signal to coil with test light

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    PWCToday Guru Rconce01's Avatar
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    Re: Bad MAGNETO,OR 2 BAD mpem

    are you getting voltage delivered to the coil primary from the mpem. You need to be getting 20VDC back there to trigger the coil. Did you check all grounds are good. On the 951 there are grounds under the tuned pipe that go bad.

  3. #3 Is My Home Away From Home WFO Speedracer's Avatar
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    Re: Bad MAGNETO,OR 2 BAD mpem

    Ther is no way the ski will run for an hour with the charging system disabled, trust me on that one, as soon as it get below 10.5 volts it's over with.
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  4. #4 Is My Home Away From Home Bionic racing's Avatar
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    Re: Bad MAGNETO,OR 2 BAD mpem

    Had one that had the wrong flywheel on it , a single coil flywheel hooked to a two coil box , crank , no spark , put on correct flywheel , got spark

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    Top Dog SURFnTURF's Avatar
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    Sep 2004

    Re: Bad MAGNETO,OR 2 BAD mpem

    As well as the above,swap the coil and test it , coils can static measure ok but still wont fire....
    Check the ground to coil or run a temporary one and test as have plenty of them not grounded properly

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