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    Re: Help 550 not starting

    Quote Originally Posted by SWFL SJ Rider View Post
    the 38BN has a bolt in return fitting that is hollow and has perpendicular hole below the head-
    never had one of these before so i thought that was the banjo bolt restrictor people refer to.
    A #35 pilot jet from a Mikuni VM round slide is a good
    return line jet. The pilot jet for a Yamaha YFS200 Blaster is a
    decent source. PJS used to tap the banjo bolt for the vm pilot
    jet. Protec Performance is a Mikuni distributor or dealer? and
    should have it available.

    Quote Originally Posted by SWFL SJ Rider View Post
    looking in intake manifold i gas see gas sitting.
    Not Good.

    PJS used to fill the area inside the bottom of the intake manifold
    for a small performance boost. I can provide instructions.

    Quote Originally Posted by SWFL SJ Rider View Post
    What's best way to clear this excess gas and sludge from engine? I thought of tipping over toward
    exhaust side or upside down and crank motor to blow it out. I did this once before when i thought
    it was flooded and was able to get it to fire after.
    The easiest way is to start it. Pinch off the fuel supply to the
    carb. Hold the throttle wide open while trying to start the
    engine. Inspect the spark plugs frequently for a wet foul.
    Clean plugs with brake cleaner and install finger tight.

    When the engine lights off, let off on the throttle, and then
    feed it some throttle. When the engine starts to clean out,
    release the clamp on the fuel line, and rev it up a few more

    Do not use starting fluid unless you want you water box to

    Try to start the engine outside, because the exhaust will dump
    grey sludge all over your garage floor if you don't.

    Bill M.

    Test your pop-off while the carb is fully assembled and mounted
    to the engine (This Time). If it leaks, or pops and the drops to
    ~10psi before it holds. Take it apart and fix the pop-off.
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    Re: Help 550 not starting

    Thank you Bill.
    1990 JS440 (Original Owner) PJS Ski (Peek at photo album)
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    1986 JS550 (Oldest daughter's Ski)

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