2 hours on the water today on the RN.

Starting point:
120 pilots
110 mains
Hi adjusters 1 turn
Lo adjusters 1 turn

Back it in my launch to set the idle.
Can immediately tell it's too rich.
Turn the lows 3/4 = better.
Turn the lows to 1/2 and idle is great.

Time to ride and test with the lows at 1/2 and the highs at 1.
Overall runs fantastic. It's not even the same ski I rode last year. Not even close. Hit is instant and strong. Pulls everywhere. Top end is strong - twitchy/sketchy fast. Most riders I know would have said "done" and called it a day. That's not how tuning is done, lol.

Plugs are a tad light, but I've only run maybe one or two quarts of fuel through it, so that's not all that meaningful.

But I do want to see how much fuel it will tolerate on top, so i turn the highs out to 1.25. Pull is similar...maybe a tad stronger in the middle during the 1/4 to WOT test. Time for more fuel.

I turn the highs out to 1.5. Now the 1/4 to WOT test reveals an instant gargle, and holding it at WOT keeps the gargle going.

So now we know how much fuel is too much on the hi adjusters. We learned something via focused testing.

I take the highs back to 1-1/8 keep riding/testing/paying attention. Only thing that isn't 100% perfect is it might have a tiny lean stumble when riding aggressively and coming off idle, but it's incredibly minimal.

So I turn the lows out to 5/8 and keep riding/testing.

With the lows at 5/8, trying to take the highs out to 1.25 produces the gargle again. Again, I'm uncovering how much fuel it will tolerate.

Finish riding, blow it out. Idle is beautiful. Throttle response is beautiful. 1/2 tank burned and the new plugs are a beautiful carmel color - just slightly on the dark side. Piston wash is looking correct.

This is with the hi adjusters at 1-1/8 the lo adjusters at 5/8.

I would say that the effective range for the adjusters on this RN would be:
Hi = 7/8 to 1-1/8
Lo = 1/2 to 3/4

I'm leaving the current jetting and pop off, as I couldn't get this ski to do anything to suggest that either jet or the pop off is wrong. It idles great. It starts easily at all temps without a struggle. It has no lean hesitations anywhere and no gargles and never loads up with fuel. It's what I would consider "dialed in". At this point the owner should simply ride and monitor it. If it were to start fouling plugs prematurely, for example, then the highs could be turned in a bit. If it were to feel slightly lean or rich right off idle, then the low adjusters could be moved an 1/8th turn accordingly.

Now I need to plop my Apex in the water and go ride and enjoy my day off from work (my real job). As great as this RN runs, I just don't enjoy SJs anymore...Bwaaaaahahahaha!!!!