I recently purchased a 98 1100 STX. Has about 100 hours on it and it looks like it was well taken care of.

I did a water test and it ran good but I noticed the one spark plug was fouled. I took the carburetor case off and noticed the duct was all broken so I suspect that caused a rich fuel mixture.

I am planning on taking the carburetor's apart to give them a good clean but should I purchase a carb rebuilt kit or just use the gaskets and jets from the original carb?

I will check the pop off pressure to make sure that's within spec but I can't seem to find a genuine Keihin CDCV rebuild kit. Lots of aftermarket ones on eBay but I've heard those have either bad springs or jets.

If everything ran good with before the teardown, would cleaning the carburetor's be enough? I am replacing all of the top end gaskets just to make sure everything is all freshen up.

If anyone has any thoughts, that would be great. If you can recommend a rebuild kit that you know will work, please let me know.