Fix your faded chalky plastic for good!

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    Fix your faded chalky plastic for good!

    Guys, .....I've tried everything to make the old plastics look nice. This one KEEPS them looking nice for many months on end!

    Step 1.....Throughly powerwash the plastics.
    Step 2.....Use coarse steel wool to start effectively sanding off the chalky dryrotted outer layer. Be prepared to wear out your forearms.
    Step 3.....Follow up with scotchbrite pads to "blend" and smooth the steel wool marks.
    Step 4.....Wipe down the now colorful plastic with a micro fiber towel dampened with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
    Step 5.....Use a clean micro fiber or paper towels to rub "FLOOD Penetrol" into the plastic. This stuff deepens the color and soaks into the plastic creating a weather barrier.
    Step 6.....Keep it covered or indoors for 24 hours for the Penetrol to set. It remains tacky for some time.
    Step 7.....Admire your much better looking plastic parts......and your new 'Popeye' forearms, lol!!

    I will get around to finishing my son's XP and post more pics. Then without doing any other treatment of any kind I'll report back after several months with more pics. I've used this method on my tow rig Nissan Xterra that sits outside 24/7 and it looked good for about a year. I need to do it again......or maybe just maintain it better, HA!
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