Yamaha FX140, oil consumtion

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    Yamaha FX140, oil consumtion

    maybe there some MR1 people that could tell me if its normal.

    So from the start:
    I have a fx140 that i rebuilt. Had it for 2 summers. Still have the same issue last summer.
    This winter i replaced the cylinderhead (long story)
    In the procees i dropt a bolt into the timing chain area, so i had to lift the engine out. I think i drained most of the oil
    (did remove the pan under the engine)

    So when i was done i filled her up with 2l of oil. And started, did run her for about 20 min on land (did check the oil often
    ofc) i only had to add some small poors to get it to the right level (blue line on pic)
    Was kind of suprised it did needed more then maybe 2,1-2,2 liters of oil.

    Anyhow. Been riding it on water for a couple of hours. Lets say maybe 4 hours. One thing i noticed is that the ski is get alot hotter on water. Not even close how it gets on land.
    And the oil level has dropped to the red line on the pic (with about 4 hours, 4-5 diffrent dates, short rides)

    I have no indication of leakage, ski runs great, no warnings or codes if i hook it up to the computer.

    I can hint a light exhaust smell if i cruise the ski round i circels and see a very light smoke. Not sure that i would notice it if i dident looked for it.

    Is this something i need to worry all winter about?
    Maybe i should try i diffrent oil? Right now i have the motul jetpower 10w40
    Had the motul v300 5w50 last summer, same oil consumtion but dident notice any smoke or smell, but dident look for it either.

    I have read somewhere that is pretty normal for these mr1 to want som oil? and its recommend to use yamalube, abit thicker, so lower consumtion?
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