Iím having some issues with my carbs in my 1100 swap. Starts and idles fine, but when I go to give it gas it dies out. If I choke it about half way (give or take) it will rev up almost like normal. Did a leak down test with a crappy harbor fright tool and only lost about 1-2 psi in 5 minutes. That was with a set of freshly rebuilt carbs. Tossed a 2nd set on that have worked for me in the past and I was having the same issue when I put them on this ski. Could it be a gasket issue? Had the ski out on the water 2 times before that. The first time when I finished my build that day the ski was a missile. The 2nd time it was just about as fast as a 750. And now the 3 time I went to ride it this was happening.

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