2017 Yamaha VX Cruiser - Hard start sometimes

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    2017 Yamaha VX Cruiser - Hard start sometimes

    We just picked up a 2017 Vx Cruiser with about 100 hours on it. IT runs great but we have been noticing that sometimes it doesn't want to start.

    Here is an example. We start it and cruise the lake for 20 min or so then stop the engine for a minute and restart it. It just turns over but wont start after cranking for 5-6 seconds. Let off the starter try again and it may or may not start. 3rd time, it will start. This happens after its been sitting a bit too.

    Im not sure if 4 strokes require feathering the gas while starting or leaving the gas alone? Is this a common thing or maybe something I need to learn a proper starting procedure for? My last ski (old 2 stroke) started hard for anyone else except me because I knew the proper starting procedure for it.

    Other than that it runs great so I'm thinking its just me needing to learn its quirks. I will change the plugs on my next oil change to see if that helps too.

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    Re: 2017 Yamaha VX Cruiser - Hard start sometimes

    actually if the throttle is cracked even the slightest amount it won't crank at all.
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