I have a 2007 VX Cruiser that I resurrected from behind a barn. The graphics were sun faded and mostly peeling off so I have stripped them all off. Have a few little hull repairs to do then some paint, but want to go back to a stock look. I can't find any full sets or replacements for any of the gen 1 cruisers year 07-09 on any of the Yamaha parts websites. Does anyone have a source they can recommend for affordable reproductions for any of these years? Or does anyone know if the later generations of the vx 10-14 model year graphics will line up on the hull the same way.

My ski is the all black with dark silver/gray hood/console area. The original graphics were the black/silver with red accents. I have seen the vx sport kits in several colors on amazon and ebay but I don't think they will look right on my black and silver ski.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.