Double stacker trailer

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    PWCToday Newbie xland's Avatar
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    Nov 2020

    Double stacker trailer

    Well had my TIG welder for 2 years now, so when an idea/design pops in your head there is now no excuse not to build it.......

    So needed to carry both the F12X and this Achilles 14 foot inflatable at the same time.

    Theory is you drive the ski off first then lower the frame down to offload the inflatable.

    frame lowers down fairly close to mudguard height

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    PWCToday Newbie xland's Avatar
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    Nov 2020

    How heavy is it ?

    Good question, considering the F12X weighs about 360 KGs wet and the trailer started at 150 KGs
    That leaves 240 KGs, in Australia our single axle unbraked trailer ATM is 750 KGs.

    The inflatable weighs 130 KGs with the full metal floor installed.
    So hopefully my frame is no more than 40 - 50 KGS.

    I used 50 mm square aluminium section 3 mm wall thickness for most of the frame.


    Iím a bit of a welding perfectionist and am about to train my nephew, so I bought the bigger brother of
    My existing TIG welder, as well as programmable, it also has crater control, which is great,
    Craters really annoy me, hard to prevent when you end the weld.

    This unit is sold by TOKEN TOOLS in Sydney Australia, about the same capability as a Lincoln Square Wave 200 at a third the price.
    These are Chinese made but assembled and supported in Australia with a 5 year warranty.
    Yes thatís correct 5 long years, they also have their own welding repair technicians who repair all brands of welders.


    Here is one of my better attempts on 5 mm aluminium.
    I used a 2.4mm electrode here instead of a 3.2 mm.
    If anyone is interested in TIG welding a pulse machine is a MUST, and get your head around
    Pulse welding theory.

    In some ways stainless steel can be more difficult to weld than aluminium,
    Without a pulse machine it would be nearly impossible for me using standard 316 filler rods.


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    PWCToday Newbie xland's Avatar
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    Nov 2020

    Not many around

    Only found a couple of good examples of smaller double stacker trailers.

    This one from New Zealand with baby jetboats, looks like he made everything himself,
    Nice work


    My attachments for trailer are 5 mm steel, and U bolts to the chassis section.
    I used stainless U bolts for the front winch mount and found them very difficult to fit, I would suggest staying with galvanised steel units



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