So long story short I found a good condition GP 1200 npv hull with a blown engine. Engine is currently in pieces. Comes with trailer, ski, and rebuild parts such as pistons, rings, and gaskets. He's asking $1k for it all. I asked if he would sell it to me without these rebuild parts but he would rather sell it as a whole. I guess I could part out remaining pieces on ebay, etc.

Then I found a complete npv 1200 engine in the same area, 135 PSI compression all 3, complete with electronics. Asking $600, but I'm sure I can get it down to $400 at least since it's been listed for months. My idea is why go through all the trouble of rebuilding the blown engine, when I can just drop this engine in the hull? It should be pretty straightforward and plug and play right? I just want to know what I'm getting myself into. I am pretty mechanically inclined and have a close relative that has rebuilt a GP 1200R from ground up this past year, should anything go south. But I don't want to completely rely on him. My question is, is this too ambitious or am I right in saying its doable, and a learning process? I will attach some pictures. Thank you!
Hull/trailer 122117345_4992184834126715_6398689267147560738_o.jpg122548978_4992177330794132_4141797184883054319_o.jpg122224556_4992179924127206_5235388186239023393_o.jpg122044091_4992183124126886_2288915172420007893_o.jpg122116683_4992181060793759_2144741730060210967_o.jpg

Engine 118728374_3288453244605131_286247355128277937_o.jpg