Ive already got multiple standups, but whats one more right?

ive got 2 Bone stock 85s for just cruising and letting people learn, and ive got a couple built 76s with 550s.

So now im thinking, i need a fun wake ski/ short buoy chase ski, Ive got a couple options, do i go 750SP or 650 yam? Both are single carb setups but will go twins down the road.

Which is better for that SNAP *bottom end grunt to launch it up and out of the water?

Been reading a few build threads on here, ugly red, etc.. and i read if i go 750, im going to want a 20* impellor.

Ive got both engines setting on the floor, so both are easily obtained .

Im thinking early-mid 80s 440/500 hull with a 550 jet *dont have to worry about jet flex*,extended rideplate with skags, and aftermarket sponsons/tubbys.