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    Re: Poolís js550 750 conversion

    Well it all kinda fits in there. Iím waiting on the x2 shaft from rhaas so I can glue down the bearing and get the engine planted, then Iíll start squeezing this big fuel tank in between the water box and engine. The waterbox is kinda of an issue since itís openings donít really align with either the of the exhaust hoses. Does anyone know if I need to put a restricted on the return lien from the carb on the 750? Itís a keihin 807-1. 51390A6A-0B0D-46C7-B79C-79A37FE928D2.jpeg
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    Re: Poolís js550 750 conversion

    The hull cleaned up nicely. On the waterbox, I rotated it 45 degrees so it kind of follows the curve of the nose towards the front.


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