Alright Gentlemen, I have a GP800 power valve short block that is in good used condition. It's been in storage since about 2008 for a project that never happened. Low hours, crank spins smooth and rods look and feel good. Please see pictures and lets talk about price and shipping. I have not been on the forums in some time and am cleaning out the garage and don't know what's fair. Offered here first before I put on Ebay. Lets Talk. DSCN3006.JPGDSCN3003.JPGDSCN2992.JPGDSCN2993.JPGDSCN2995.JPGDSCN2996.JPGDSCN2998.JPGDSCN2999.JPGDSCN3000.JPGDSCN3001.JPGDSCN3002.JPG