Hey guys so Iíve been battling a intermittent power issue with my ski. Itís 99 Spx 787. When you hit the red button I donít get any power. Even with the dess key on no beeps no lights nothing. Iíve tried another mpem computer with a matching key. Iíve tried a new voltage regulator, new dess post, new start stop button, even tested it aswell, all tested good. I have good engine ground. I have good ground in my gray electrical box. All fuses are good in both boxes the connectors on black e box are all in tact also did a continuity test everything checked. Once I replaced the voltage regulator I was getting it to work again also checked all the bullet connectors in the gray box. So like I was saying I was able to get it going last week had power things were great took it out today was riding for abt 3 hours all of a sudden it shut off and that was it. No power again please help!!!!!