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    Re: Snsj carbon hoods

    Quote Originally Posted by 750sxipro View Post
    Just putting this out there to see if there is interest or not. Within the next couple months i will be pulling a mold off of my lowered SNSJ hood and laying up a Carbon Fiber one for myself. When completed I will post pictures, building a mold for a couple hoods is cheap, building a mold to build multiple hoods is expensive and time consuming. Just trying to gauge interest before i invest in a nice re-usable mold build.

    The Hoods would be 100% carbon, lowered (to seam) with a flat inner tray that has enough clearance for b-pipe manifolds and tall velocity stacks, and two 2.5" flanges for intake drop hoses. They will not be drilled for hood latches but those areas will be accessible for drilling and through bolting.

    They will be vacuum infused therefore material to resin ratio is optimal for strength and weight. they will have a raw carbon appearance rather than white gel coat.

    price should come in between $675-$800 depending on strength needed for surf riding or recreational.

    Weight will be around 8 lbs

    lead time on a single order would be 3 weeks (its a hobby)

    Please respond if you would be interested.

    Thank You
    I would be interested! I hate the stock hood on the sn

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    Re: Snsj carbon hoods

    Any pictures of what the lowered hood looks like in your ski? Trying to get a visual.

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    Re: Snsj carbon hoods

    very interested and willing to pay- nobody sells a carbon sn hood and i want one. I'd take a stock carbon hood

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