Iíll try to make it short but I need some direction here if anyone can help.

I bought an 07 vx110 deluxe 3 days ago with no compression in 2 cylinders. Got it for 500 bucks and it only has 42 hours on it. Took the exhaust cam out and found 2 stuck exhaust valves, got them freed up. Found out it was way overfull on oil so I got that squared away. Cranked and cranked and it sputtered a little an started one time for about 3-4 seconds but wouldnít idle. Sounded good otherwise. Had to borrow a compression tester because mine didnít have the right fitting for these little holes. Compression was 31, 31, 52, 51. How does all 4 cylinders have such low compression? Any advice or direction here would be great! Thanks! Oh, I opened the valve cover and the valves I freed are still up. Thanks again