Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.

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    Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a quick question in regards to the Sea Doo 951 Carb Electrical. I have a SXR 951 that currently has MSD Total Loss. I am looking to remove the total loss and place a charging system on the Ski. I have a very reputable place working on the electrical. I have one question in regards to the coils. We plan to use the 750SS electrical box, OEM Kawasaki Starter solenoid, Zeeltronic CDI, OEM Sea doo Magneto, OEM 951 Voltage regulator/rectifier, Kawasaki OEM Start/Stop Tether, and Kawasaki SXR Coil.

    My questions is, I noticed in the drawings of the 951 that they have independent coils. Does the 951 spark both cylinders every 180* on crank rotation, or does it fire each cylinder independent every 360*? The Electrical drawings show a 3 phase charging, that goes to a rectifier, so this makes me believe it sparks every 180* and I would be fine with the Kawasaki SXR coil. But i just want to run it past some experts out here...

    Please note that i have not built this yet, i am in the process of fetching information beforehand.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tim W.
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    Re: Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.


    The 951 SXR MSD Total Loss System has one dedicated Ignition Coil per Piston. So only one Coil fires its respective Cylinder only when its Piston is at TDC. It is NOT a Wasted Spark System; if it was, the Battery would drain in half the time.

    Why are you removing the MSD TL System? If the Battery is not giving you 2 hours of riding time between charges, probably time for a new Battery.

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    Re: Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.

    I might be interested in the MSD ts system if you are planning to sell it.
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    Re: Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.

    I love my msd on my hydrodoo. Other than some occasional pick up coils failing it’s been a good system. Always got a day of racing without charging that spark is impressive
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    Re: Sea Doo 951 in SXR Conversion Electrical.

    MSD all the way

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