Hey guys,
Don't usually post new threads for my problems because ill find answers in previous threads but im stumped on this one. Ski is a 2007 gtise 130. Started getting the Po562 low voltage code on the dash upon start ups then it would go away when riding. Now its on start ups and while riding the machine. Start ups are never "slower" than usual. Battery is 1 year old and tests fine. The ski ready 12.5V when not running and 14.5V when running. The ski is for sure charging the battery and I am reading that through the fuses and at the battery when it is running. My concern is that wherever the ecu gets its voltage reading from is damaged or the ecu is getting the incorrect voltage somehow even though the charging system is operating like normal. This is what ive done:
- replaced battery with a spare
-checked all fuses including the 30 amp's
-replaced rectifier with oem one and still the same thing
-checked red wires connecting fusebox to starter solenoid.

Anyone have this problem before where it is throwing the code and still charging? all the posts I have read like this the rectifier was bad and it wasn't charging so I am stumped.