Good afternoon. Been an observer for ages on here as never had an issue with my b1 1200 until last weekend. Started the ski in the morning no problem when got to the lake later on that day started again fine. Put it in the water and it died, no big issue hit the starter again and it wouldnt stop turning over and over at which point dragged it out and disconnected the battery and did the tow of shame back home.
so today I have put a new starter solenoid on as read loads that it was my issue. But the new one is slightly different to the old one in that the old one has a yellow and red wire and a green and red coming from it. The new one has a black and red. The corresponding wires from the ski are brown and black. So thought red to brown black to black. Put the new solenoid in and nothing, no click from it. (Did test it prior to install). If I put the battery direct to the one terminal the ski will turn over but not on the green button. Not sure what to check next. Any help appreciated as got me confused.