WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

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    WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

    Took apart a modded WB1 with an ADA head dual cooling and factory mod pipe. I've read a lot on here and looked at FP's manual and it differs from how it was previously routed. I think I have the routing back to how it should be, however I am not entirely sure where to place the flow control valve and what purpose it serves and could use some help with that.

    Here is how it was routed:

    Here is the standard routing (per FP manual), just not sure where to put the flow control:

    Sorry about the bad pictures... Also it seems that a lot of people differ from running the line from the head to the top and bottom of the head pipe... FP says run it to the top, is there any reason people run it to the bottom and reverse flow?
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    Re: WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

    Did you get this sorted? Both of those diagrams look very different from any layout I have ever seen. I have a B1 with mod pipe but stock head though.

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    Re: WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

    I'm curious about this too because I have a Factory Pro Mod pipe I'm putting on my 'Blaster along with running dual cooling.

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    Re: WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

    Yes the flow control goes in the stinger takeoff from the tee. Less water at idle and full flow at wot, keeping waterbox cool enough.

    I always prefer bottom feeding the fpp pipes, as the coolest water enters just prior to the coupler. I leave the bottom screw at about 1/8 turn, center closed and use the top one to fine tune. Hope that helps.
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    Re: WB1 Cooling Routing - ADA/FP Mod

    Hey guys! Hope the WB1 is rippin now!
    Ive been having some routing problems too on my FP WB1; there was a low flow out the pipe pisser compared to the head pisser, night and day difference. I took everithing between the head pipe and the pump expecting a clog and found some junk. Now it's better but still no way near the flow of head pisser so I just took off the hose that connects to the stinger and the stinger has no restrictor and is basically the same diameter as the pisser from which it's T off of.
    I think all the water pressure is dumping into the stinger causing the low flow and also when you jump a little, exhaust gas exits the pisser.
    Do you guys think I can run a restrictor (what diameter?) Or do I just bite the bullet and get the blowsion flow regulator?

    Thanks for any help!

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