I still have not received my marine boat passes for Lake Mead....due to Covid, I ordered those in early May and nothing yet. I just had to show my receipt going through the gate.

This is my second season having the ski and I the Pro Shop in Hendo did my annual tuneup. I bought my ski in April of last year...the Kaw seems to be very durable but, after picking up my ski this morning from the shop, I think I could discern a much smoother ride.

As posted before I am a station wagon guy...NOT AN SUV guy...so, I know many people are curious how a single ski tows....with AWD I have no issues.

I headed straight out for the Narrows to my fav cove mostly to get a nice swim in. With Covid, most of the city pools are closed and Boulder Beach is just too crowded. Let's just say that Lake Mead is 300 square miles....there was plenty of distancing opportunities and out to my fav cove, I did not even see any boats fishing nearby. Here is a shot of the Marina as I was launching...not really surprising for 10am...

Ok, made it to the cove....nice an calm and the water was not too hot yet. I think the water has gone up about 3 feet because the rock ledge I used to stand on with my waist out of the water is much deeper now. Yep, I forgot my water sandals...lol

I had read in a photographers forum and the news about this massive dust cloud originating in Africa that has migrated over North America....I am not sure if that is what I was looking at but the wind was picking up and the visibility was looking nasty. It was a nice 2 hour ride for the summer launch and time to head home.