785 pro/1200 motor swap / 785 pipes on a 1200

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    785 pro/1200 motor swap / 785 pipes on a 1200

    i got a strip out 785 pro hull missing a bunch of parts the guy parted it out on ebay but i got a set of 785 triple pipes was going to put a 1200 in the 785 pro hull since i have no 785 motor parts i was wondering if any one has used or modified 785 pro pipes to be used on a 1200 or 1050 i have access to a full machine shop i can make or modified to make work was just going to machine adapters if i go this way on the pipes if i can make it work if not i will just use the stock 1200 pipe i ask around on facebook with out much luck or info just want to see if any on here has done the pipes before pro.jpg

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    Re: 785 pro/1200 motor swap / 785 pipes on a 1200

    I think even if it worked it would be a lot of work. You couldn't use the head pipes, for example, and you'd have to make your own. I don't know how much those pipes would choke a 1200, either. Maybe they won't. But a 1200 domestic polaris engine is 135hp and so is the stock 785 engine. But the 785 has a much better powerband.

    There is such a thing as a Pro 1200, and there are triple pipes for them, but they would be very hard to find. They will probably be expensive too. It might even be worth it to pay to have custom head pipes made than spend the money and time on finding pipes for a Pro 1200.

    You are basically just doing a Pro 785 to Pro 1200 conversion. It depends how much money you want to spend, but a piped 785 is more fun than a stock 1200. If the pipes won't work on the 1200 and you can't find any, you can always find what you need for a 785. They are not very reliable and finding something that needs work should be easy. I bought a pro 785 here for $800 because it "had the wrong crankshaft." It was fine, but there were a lot of other problems with it. You can probably easily find another 785 that's not running, fix it, and restore it.

    Pro 785 is not the fastest boat any more. It's still aggressive and a lot of fun, and pulls hard, but there's nothing like it still because it's so light and small. Pro 785 is fun not because it's fast, but because riding one makes you feel like there's too much power in such a small ski.

    Good luck with everything, I know the parts are out there to fix it if you want to. But you'll probably want to get into contact with someone who knows more.
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    Re: 785 pro/1200 motor swap / 785 pipes on a 1200

    I don't know if a 1200 engine with Pro1200 pipes would work/fit in that hull, but I know where you can get a set of Pro1200 pipes...and yes they are not cheap...just send me a PM if interested.

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