Hi All,

Really hoping for some help and guidance here. First time owner, bought a 2007 VX Cruiser and 2007 VX Deluxe back in March and was aware the cruiser was running rough and would only run when feathering the throttle. I put new plugs in and switched out the ignition leads on all 4 cylinders as they were starting to rust, did a compression test (harbor freight kit) all four where the same, switched out the throttle bodies with my good ski and no change… decided to switch out the fuel and it fired right up and ran perfectly on the hose.

Got it in the water for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was fine for the first 5 minutes then it starter surging, I would have the throttle pinned and it would lose RPM, then come back on and drop off. It was more prevalent at full throttle or close to full throttle and wouldn’t surge as much a half throttle. Took it into the beach to have a look and couldn’t get it going again after that.

Got it home and put some new plugs in, noticed the plugs and ignition leads had some white residue on them. Eventually got it running on the hose but it would die after a few minutes. I’d start it again and it would die after thirty seconds or so until it eventually wouldn’t run at all. Come back the next day and it would start, run then die and deteriorate until it wouldn’t run at all. Thought it was a fuel delivery issue so go the injectors cleaned and tested, they didn’t have much wrong with thing outside of being a bit blocked, not enough to be the issue as there was no change to the issue when I put them back in.

Pulled the fuel pump and there was some debris in the tank and filter and a large accumulation of debris where the fuel goes into the pump, ended up putting a new fuel pump in as it was still the original. I also did a leak down test thinking one of the values was stuck open or sticking but all 4 cylinders held the air and the values were all moving when I turned the pump by hand. None of the valves were stuck.

The new fuel pump has helped as its running better but after 3 or 4 minutes on the hose it dies..... it does run rough but definitely has a few moments were it sounds like it hesitates but then continues idling fine. I can get it going again easily but it keeps dieing. Switched out the throttle body and throttle position sensor and still doing the same thing..and my good ski runs fine with the throttle body and position sensor from the cruiser.

I'm convinced its electrical now......so will switch out the ECU with my good ski and see if that helps...if that isn't the issue is my next move trying a new wiring harness...the old owner has cut the tube of the wiring harness running up to the throttle position sensor so I think he may have damaged something in the harness he shouldn't have.

If anyone has dealt with anything like this before I'd appreciate any guidance about anything I've missed.