Morning all..

Im in the uk and currently restoring a 550 sx back to former glory but i want to do a few engine mods aswell.. Here in the uk we dont have many options every thing is in the states..
Im looking into a modified cylinder head or modding mine, its the 550 reed engine, now ive heard some people saying just to skim it but i personaly would like to hand it over to some one who understands the whole 550 engine not just the task in hand..
I hear group k are pretty good ? are they still going ? and would i have to send all my components off to them in the states ? I really cant find any one in the uk that does this that understands what there doing when it comes the the squash band etc...
I was looking for a skimmed head with reworked squash, i have a westcoast pipe and performance manifold, lightened flywheel is also on my list along with a full engine rebuild and new pistons etc..

Any help or info would be great. thanks guys