Bought a 06 RXP 215. Picking it up next weekend.

Has 96 hours on it and the guy just put a brand new supercharger in it. Has a receipt to show proof. He bought a new one instead of rebuilding just because it’s easier and would rather do it the “right” way instead of rebuilding. He wanted to do that before it hits the 100 hour mark as they say you should rebuild every 80-100 hours.

Its pretty clean except some minor paint issues.

My biggest concern is do “new” superchargers come with a ceramic or metal thrust washer? Or does it just depend on the manufacturer? He got it from a local boat yard i guess.

Sounds like a decent guy and he doesn’t even really completely want to sell the thing because he loves it. He literally doesn’t care if he sells it or not because a part of him wants to keep it - so it seems like he is trust worthy and honest.

All the gauges work and he’s never had issues with the machine. The new supercharger instead of a rebuild was just preventative maintenance. He said he knew the old supercharger was going out as he was lagging with some performance. New supercharger fixed his issue and haven’t had problems with it since.