Vx110-2007 remote security acted weird wont start

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    Vx110-2007 remote security acted weird wont start

    Just got done redoing the pump leak issue, rebuilt pump wear rings. It was working fine and I got a few rides, but then it sat for about a week. I went and turn the battery to on( had dual battery switch installed for easy battery disconnect), hit the unlock button and I heard the regular beeps but it wonít start, like choking on something electrically.

    I thought I had a loose wire from battery, checked-good, thought it was a weak battery, tested it- gave 460cca 12.8v.

    Next few days every time I hit the unlock button I hear the relay switch making weird noises like electric zapping. So I went and ordered a working used one on EBay. Another week went by and I put the EBay relay on, it didnít even beep nor making any noise at all. Even swapped the old one back still no dice.

    searched this site extensively and got a few tips, tested red wire and white under the steering and got 12v. Now Iím guessing either the transponder unit in front of the tank is done, or the wiring harness finally broke somewhere.

    my question now is how hard to trace the whole harness? Or test the transponder unit? Is there a way to by pass everything transponder and get it to crank/running?
    i could just wire a switch on/off and be done with the remote.

    somebody somewhere has done this idea 💡

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    Re: Vx110-2007 remote security acted weird wont start

    there are 2 relays on the starboard side.

    the front one is the main one.

    pull the harness plug off.

    connect 12 volt positive to the wires until you identify 2 things:

    1) the fuel pump wire
    2) the gauge cluster wire

    wire and loom appropriately.

    thats what i did.

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