hello , first I want apologize for my american ........bordo.jpg90699987_608640663311590_4521446775558504448_n copia.jpg90904420_262783298063771_695939432443805696_n copia.jpg89440060_754967841575845_876797000585052160_n.jpgIMG_1671.jpeg…… update your #Kawasaki #SXR1500 recreational hull into a real race #JETSKI installing our new front sponsons , one set (left and right) weight 2.2 kilos and the material is "compressed polyurethane" light and strong (no fiberglass or plastic ) . You can feel an huge handling improvement , we spent a few months testing 18 different shapes and fixing each shape in 5 different positions and tested on flat water and rough water , also water flow testing with the computer , believe me the result is amazing : no lose speed during radar testing in flat water , more speed in race conditions why the hull floats better , more control at high speed on rough water , much less hull bouncing and the BEST result was in turn : very very fast and sharper turn as you have never made , very similar as a SuperJet's turn but much faster . Now is a REAL Jet-Ski ! 🏁🏆, now you can be much more aggressive , have more riding control and have much more fun .

Our test has been made with a SXR1500 and its speed was mph65,1 equipped with the follow aftermarket parts : handlepole , impeller , intake grate (we tested 2 different brands), rear sponsons (we tested 4 different brands) , ECU , air filter kit .

If you need more infos don’t hesitate to contact us .

The promotional retail price is €350 tax included , and the price outside european community is 286,89 euros .

Dealer inquire are welcome .

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