1996 yamaha Wave Venture 1100 questions

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    1996 yamaha Wave Venture 1100 questions

    Hello every one I am new to PWC I did a brief intro in the newbies forum, to sum it up I'm brand new to PWC I was lucky to acquire two free jetskis a 96 wave venture 1100 and a 93 PXR Pro both are completely intact but both have been sitting and haven't run in some time, I started with the 1100 first cleaned it up got a new battery new fuel new pil new plugs and am arriving at the point which I'm ready to start it up for the first time for me. I got it to crank over smoothly good compression and spark but it didnt start I believe the issue is fuel related so my next steps are replacing the fuel filter and rebuilding the carbs as I was told they probably could use a tear down and rebuild.
    In the newbie thread i was told to check the rear seals but to be honest I'm not sure what I'm looking for and while i do have a decent back ground in mechanics I've never worked on a ski engine before i have a manual to assist but I'm still getting familiar with the workings and systems.
    I guess my first questions would be suggestions on things to check and inspect? The jetski sat for a while but honestly the engine is very clean not clean like rebuilt but clean like limited use and was well kept.
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    PWCToday Newbie AndyScarth's Avatar
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    Re: 1996 yamaha Wave Venture 1100 questions

    Hey i just bought the same 1996 yamaha wave venture engine (1100cc). Hit me up if you need to talk, i have pdf manual if you need it.

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    Re: 1996 yamaha Wave Venture 1100 questions

    Pour some gas down the carbs and see if it starts. 99% of the time in a case like this its carb issues. Use oem mikuni kits only even though they are way more money. Trust me and everyone else on this one.
    As for the rear seal its actually cranks seals front and back. You have to vaccum the engine after sealing it off and see if it holds over time.
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