Nehalem River, Oregon. Always wanted to try this ride. In the summer there are numerous 5mph areas, docks, and fisherman plus water becomes ankle deep before head of navigation. We choose to go now while the river is running high and the buoys are gone.

Max upstream for a power boat, including pwc's, is Peterson Cr. 3 of us were riding mid 90's machines. This was not the place for a deep draft "modern" pwc. The river was near flood stage, running brown, with floating debris. We put in at a ramp along the 101 rode 8.5 miles up to Peterson Cr. Suck holes, and boils along the steep banks, and some small rapids. High water allowed us to get out of the main channel and even onto a flooded pasture. On the way back we turned into every opening in the river bank and cruised the Nehalem waterfront. We passed the ramp and followed the north shore of the bay over the sand flats and down to the bay entrance. The wind was blowing up a vicious chop across the flats. Spent more time in the water than on. Breaking bar with outgoing tide was no place to be so we motored back along the south shore ducking under the railroad wherever there was enough water. Passed by Wheeler and back to the ramp. 35 miles. Just right on a cold day.

For anyone interested there is a state park with a ramp, the public ramp we used, a free ramp in Wheeler, and 2 private ones near the mouth that may not be pwc friendly.