OK group , finished jetting carbs again . I stepped the main jet size up to 105 mains . I am looking for a nice and clean piston wash with 32:1 premix . I know most people use 40:1 premix but not me because I want the extra lubrication after ignition . It may cut down some mph performance but should make the ski live longer . For 2020 I'm going to use a electric fuel pump on this ride at 4 psi .
One thing I have noticed with all of my jetski's is that after installing Wiseco pistons I have to jet up the mains 4 sizes larger or more . I am only 650 feet above sea level so not all this makes good since to me . I pay very close attention to sparkplug burn color and piston wash . Anyway I am not a racer just like very dependable ski's .
2020 will be a fun year . Good luck to everyone .