Newbie to PWC Forum. Acquired 94 TS Barracuda 648 cc (I think) Suzuki. Sat for years in barn-Mint Condition. Last floated in 05. Ran good when squirting fuel direct into carb so I joined/monitored PWC and Gutted the Hull labeling every hose and wire connector, took pics, made Oil Pump Block Off Plate (going with pre-mix), cleaned Fuel Tank replacing rotted hoses, weighted pick-up screens, replaced engine seal and gaskets, overhauled carb, etc... In between, my phone crapped out (pics gone) and masking tape labels are now unreadable-UGH! It went together and back in the Hull without issue but before I start bolting of the intake and exhaust, I want to correctly route the cooing hoses for a clean looking, functional install that won't overheat the thing next spring. There's like 16 feet of cooling lines in this pig with all sorts of Tee's and (from what I forgot) connection points. I read many forum's with good top-side pics but a little sketchy on where some hoses connect to fittings underneath. Also found there are some routing difference's depending prod date in 1994 - Why, I dunno? The USELESS "repair manual" I bought on-line helped zero. Does anyone have either good images, a conclusive diagram,or a page from a Polaris repair manual showing where all these hoses and Tee's connect? Any and all help greatly appreciated - Thx!