Hi - I also posted this in the racing forum, but thought i'd post here as well.

I was originally planning on building a Sport GP Blaster with an 1100 motor, but it seems that I won't be able to race it in some organizations, since I'm not a pro.

Soooo - it looks like I'll be going the Sport Spec route. My plan is to pick up a nice stock Blaster and go from there, unless I can find a good deal on a Sport Spec ready to go in the SoCal area. I'd actually prefer to build it myself so I know things are reliable and fresh.

The first issue would be the motor. I understand the 62T cases are the way to go, with probably Boysen or V-Force reeds. Can these be ported, or do they have to remain stock? With cylinder - does 62T or 62X make a difference? and do those get ported or remain stock as well?

Head - I'll most likely go with ADA girdled with the 35cc domes.

Ignition - Msd Enhancer is still available, so I'll get one of those. Are charging lightweight flywheels OK?

Carbs - Could I use something good like Full Spectrum carbs?

Pipe - that's probably the biggest question. I know the rules say it has to be a "wet" pipe, so what's the best option there? Factory Mod or Limited??? How about those carbon fiber pipes?

Waterbox - is aftermarket OK? Best to locate under the battery area with rear exhaust? Recommendation for kits?

Anything else I'm forgetting?

I'll also be needing recommendations on sponsons/hull extensions/intake grate/ride plate.
I see a strong recommendation for a Hooker 10/16 prop. I assume the whole pump/shoe/nozzle stuff has to remain stock? No aftermarket or setback pumps?

Thanks everyone