Iíve been through countless threads trying to diagnosis the no start on my ski. So any help would be appreciated. Iím not getting any spark!

i have checked all of the connectors at the ECM, all are good. (Yes I pulled EVERY pin out of the connectors)

i have verified the fuel pump is kicking on and pumping fuel.

i have checked the coil packs and am getting power to them but no spark.

I have a fully charged battery reading 12.4 volts at rest, when I go to start it and the motor turns over the voltage drops to anywhere from 8-9 volts (assuming the cause for no spark). I have checked for spark by using new plugs and holding the coil against the block, and I have voltage tested the coil while starting (shows same voltage reading.)

Also I may note I have moved the ground from the starter to other locations on the block and still no change.

Could this be a bad voltage regulator?

im at a loss right now.