Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows the oil flow rate on a SL 750?
I have the 1995 version that connects to the carb linkage.

I purchased this SKI without much information from the previous owner. the lines were disconnected at the time and I am pretty the oil pump works as the hull had oil everywhere! But I'd rather be extra safe than be sorry. When removing my air box lid, I can see that there is oil residue from it leaking down, but it's more tiny drip here and there. When I disconnect the lines from the carbs and run them into a separate container for about 20-30 seconds at idle it no noticeable oil drop at idle in a driveway. Obviously when connected to the carbs, the air flow has to be pulling some which may help the oil come from the lines. So I was just curious if anyone had experience or advice on how to test this thing or if it sounds like it's working as it should?